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Welcome to New Digital Pakistan - Go Digital, Go Global

Our Vision

Speed up to the digital nation is an inspirational initiative to support the “Digital Globalization Journey” of Pakistan. The site is tool of the digital strategy implementation and enforcement in Sindh Province being “Digital Sindh” as well as in the country being “Digital Pakistan”, in collaboration with top Stakeholders of the digital environment.

Digitization-Revolution by itself, changing people's way of life, communication, conducting business and developing as one World. The effect of digital innovation is rapid and far-reaching. Never have individuals, businesses and nations been just as dependent on technology as they are today.

The globalization process needs no winning arguments. Increasing numbers of people have experienced growth and efficiency in their economies and businesses, leading to more jobs, greater levels of innovation, and better living standards due to digitalization.

New Digital Pakistan - Go Digital, Go Global - It has an outstanding role in Pakistan's digital media, the most popular digital development in Sindhi, English and Urdu, with a strong and helpful outlook and brilliant digital platform. Monthly Digital Magazine Edition is the market leader in the Sindh, Punjab and Islamabad areas, and has built a solid presence in Karachi since its launch in 2019.

It is a digital decision-making platform not only for individuals who decide defined strategies, shape assumptions or hold influential positions, as well as for teenagers who will make major decisions later on.

New Digital Pakistan - Go Digital, Go Global- is part of Pakistan's Business Experts and Prozameen.com, and Jai Perkash Batra established Prozameen.com in 2016. New Digital Pakistan is the largest and best cited Pakistani Digital News and Magazine. This is the product of the efforts of skillful and highly enthusiastic articulate community, assisted by the leading technology innovation, an incredible publication program.

Our Mission

New Digital Pakistan - Go Digital, Go Global - Gives an uncommon segment, which covers the universe of Business:

  • Online Education - Learn Digitally that help you to earn digitally.
  • Technologies - Keep Updated about the latest technologies and provide Software Solution Support.
  • Business News - Provide you Business News that help to increase your General Knowledge and help you to grow your Business.
  • Job Classified - Provides information on the most recent job advertising and the opening of papers. The main reason for providing this information is to help unemployed and jobless to get all employment information at one place.
  • Lawyers Forum - Help people to get Legal Advice digitally & also provide Legal information/ latest citation on common cases.
  • Medical/Health Forum - Help you get Medical Advice from Qualified Doctors & also provide information about new Medical research, precautions.

Our Team


Jai Perkash Batra


Sumit Aakash Pal

Software Developer


Legal Advisor