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Traffic Violations on Highways and Motorways Just Got a Lot More Expensive

November 30, 2019

In a bid to deter motorists from violating traffic laws and putting the safety of the public in danger, the government has hiked various traffic fines on motorways and highways.

Amongst the fines increased by the government include going over the speed limit, changing lanes without proper signals and dangerous driving.

As per the Communication Ministry, there are substantial increases across the board for those caught going over the speed limit as they will be fined PKR 2,500 instead of the current PKR 750. In the case of passenger buses, the fine has been set at PKR 10,000 and for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles, the fine is PKR 5,000.

This was confirmed by the District Commissioner of Islamabad, who tweeted about the changes in the fines:

In the case of dangerous driving, the car drivers and motorcyclists will be fined PKR 1,500 and if the drivers of heavy duty vehicles are caught doing the same, they will be fined PKR 5,000.

For traffic signal violations, the fine has been set at PKR 5,000.

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